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Besorah was shocked how she was treated

The interview of the fourteen-year-old Besorah originated in the facility in which she was held against her will for three months. She was trapped. She was filmed by her mother secretly there, because all their visits, as well as all other contacts, took place in the presence of monitors.

Besorah wanted everyone to know what she experienced during a three-hour cross-examination of the criminal police of Dillingen.

It was without the knowledge and consent of their parents that she suffered intimidation by police officers to testify. She was shocked at how she was treated. Consider what they were saying, and consider what other questions they asked Besorah doesn’t mention. What were they trying to do?

Interviewer: Rekah, Besorah’s imma (mother)


Besorah Schott, daughter of Abiyah and Rekah


Interviewed: Besorah (a youth then in captivity)

Police question her beliefs!  (Is that what police are for?)

Besorah: What I found especially bad was when the police told me that I should consider something else, if my religion and opinion is really right. I am fourteen years old, and I know exactly what I want. This goes totally against my rights, that someone doubts me like this, and tells me that I need to think differently. For example there was this situation that I said I would like to be together with my sisters. And then they told me that I should think about if it would not be better that I would stay separated from my sisters, because sometimes the older sister needs to do something secretly, which the little sister should not know. They totally doubted my belief and said, that, .. they tried to inculcate in me that I am doing way, way better in the facility then at home, because supposedly at home every thing was really, really bad, which is not true at all.

I absolutely want to go back home, I did very well at home. It is a mystery to me, I don’t even know how to say it, that you question/doubt my belief and opinion like this. You can not do this.

They cannot just doubt someone else’s belief like this when they have all the reason they need to respect my belief and opinion. And then I totally feel put under pressure, when they tell me that I should believe something else. This does not work.

a fourteen-year-old Coerced into answering

Rekah: Did they say in the beginning, before they started questioning you that you can also be quiet?

Besorah: Yes, they did tell me that, but then I said, “Can I also not talk with you at all?”

Then they told me no, if I don’t talk with them now I need to go to court, and provide information. They, so to speak, threatened me and then I of course didn’t want to go to court, so I said, “OK, I guess I’ll just do it then.”

But I also didn’t answer them everything, but he put me under pressure the whole time that I need to say something, and I really didn’t think that it was fine, that they challenged my belief like this.

Are Police now Deprogrammers?

I am really not exaggerating, that man tried to impress something on me really strongly, and tell me something that I really didn’t want, I just really did not want to hear it, but he just went on and on telling about it.

I even said that I am doing very good at home, and that I don’t want to hear all his other ideas, but he still said, “Yes, you need to think about this in the days to come, if you don’t rather want to decide something else because it is totally normal. Is it not great if you can go shopping and experience other things?”

And then I told him that I did very good at home and that I want to go back again.

But then he told me; “Yes, but if you never experienced anything else and never got to know anything else — you can not simply say that you nevertheless want to go home, because you only know home, you don’t even know the other life yet. But then you don’t need to say that you like it more at home, because you don’t even know the other life yet in the normal society.”

But then I said that I am totally content with my life in the community and I want to go there again. But then he always kept on ‘chopping around’ on me, telling me that it can be way better outside the community…blaa, blaa..I felt totally sick of what I was hearing…Every person has the free right to believe what he wants to believe and live out his religion the way he wants to*, but then I felt totally threatened, to want to do something else now.

For example he also asked what my religion is, and I also did not have anything against that, so I answered him exactly, that we live according to Acts 2:44 and share everything with each other and so on… and that we have everything in common.

And then he tried to still pull something else out of me and he also took it like that For example he also said…oh yes, he wanted to know exactly when I lived other places, and where I lived and who I lived with, and what time exactly that was, and of course I can not remember everything, but he still wanted to know it exactly, and then I told him that I didn’t want to say anything about that .

Rekah: Did he also ask you about England?

Besorah: Yes, he also asked me very much about England, I don’t know for what reason, he wanted to know if I know the community in England and if I… something…I don’t think this is fine. It’s totally outrageous! This is about a totally different situation and not about what people are doing in England. That doesn’t have anything to do with the situation.

What I especially thought was terrible was with this one picture, it was a picture of two people, and he strongly asserted that it was my mom and Ishah but it was not them, it was really not them. But still he told me that it was them. So after a few minutes I asked again, because I thought maybe he had calmed down a little bit now, because he had a very strong opinion about it, and then I asked him again and again he said, “No, this is your mom and your sister and you don’t need to tell me something else, and if it is really important to you we can also let this picture go through a machine, and the machine can then measure out exactly who that is and can tell us exactly is if it is really so necessary to you, but this is for sure your mom and Ishah and blaa, blaa,” … and he still wanted to tell me something.

Then I said, “I am sorry, I know my mom and Ishah way better than you know them. How can you say that since I lived my whole life with them?”

And then he still said, “No, that’s how it is…and this and that..” and he wanted to find some kind of proofs. I don’t know what else.


This is a belated translation and post from our German News Media page. You can find the original video in German there, posted on November 18, 2013.

* This is true, that every person has the right to live out his beliefs, in nations that have freedom of religion. Such freedom is nobly enshrined in the Basic Law (German Constitution, Article 4), but as we are learning, both parents and children, inviolable rights are rather routinely violated here. See Chassidah’s moving letter to her judge, “Everyone in Germany can choose their own religion and live it? Not me!” See also Deborah’s letter, “Where have our human rights gone?


A happier picture taken after Besorah was set free from captivity, with Nechonah — who has now run way twice from her court-ordered captivity.  Imagine that, a twelve-year-old girl running NOT away from home, but having to run home. She is happy at home!


Besorah and Nechonah, February 10, 2014.


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