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A Card from Besorah (Age 14) to her parents

A Card from Besorah (Age 14) to her parents


abiyah4-5Dear Abba and dear Imma,

Thank you for the beautiful cards that you have sent us. We were very happy about it. The days are getting longer and I miss you and my home more and more. I can hardly wait for the day to see you again. At least it is not so long. I hope that it will not take so long until we get back home. I miss every single person so so much!

This whole situation is not so easy to understand, but I want to know that our Father is in control. He will work out everything for the good.

Oh, what else can I write? Next to the foster home is a farm with a few cows and many small bulls and calves. When I see them, I always think of our Farm, and our cows and other animals. I miss you all and hope to see you all again soon. Please greet all my friends and tell them thank you for all the encouraging letters! I wish I were with you now, but still it seems to take a while.

I love you very much, your Besorah

Besorah was Set Free!

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