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When I first heard about the children in Germany being taken from their parents, I was appalled and grieved. How could such a “dark-age” thing happen in a modern civilized society? Why were little children being seized and taken captive against their will? I was grieved for those parents who had to watch their helpless little ones be taken by strangers. Being a mother myself, I could imagine the pain and fear and grief of the mothers and fathers there.

As the days have passed (nearly two months have passed at this point), it is becoming clearer what is going on in Germany. It is evident from the accounts of those involved that justice and the safety of the children was not the motivating force behind such an extreme action.

It would seem that something sinister has begun, perhaps long before any of us realize. Can parents in this day and age, in a democratic nation, be stripped of all of their God-given rights of parenthood? Who will be next? And if the democratic nation of Germany can take such action against its people, which “democratic” nation will follow the grim example of unchecked power? Haven’t we seen the consequences of such unchecked power and what it leads to? Can humanity endure such hostility?

I can only hope and pray that the good people of that nation (and all nations) will not watch the disregard of human and parental rights without considering what end such terrible actions will bring.