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The Broom –

or an uncommon situation in a common court room

“Are you doing fine?“ the friendly judge asked with interest bent forward a little over his judge table. The little chubby cheeked four-year-old boy with the sad eyes nodded with a shy smile.

“We noticed that he does not seem to be acquainted with electronic and technical devices. Obviously he also never played with Legos or Duplos…” the foster father states…

… Just recently Shalem’s little world looked totally different. Sometimes he still remembers how it was at home, but now that was all so far away. Before, his father or mother would always wake him up along with his older brother and sister. They had also suddenly disappeared. Every morning he would go with his parents to the gathering and sing with all his heart and listen to what the adults were talking about.

Afterwards he was proclaimed with a loud voice along with all the other children: “Essen ist fertig!” After breakfast and brushing teeth his mother would always get the broom out of the broom closet. Shalem knew exactly what that meant – it was time for him to get the dust pan. While his mother in her quiet manner swept the stairs he happily jumped up and down the steps and everyone who entered the house would greet him: “Ah, Shalem, you are faithfully helping your mother…?”

Yes, that is how it was every day – until that morning that all these armed policemen came. Since then everything was so different and strange. Now Shalem sits in his new room lost in midst of lots of toys… and sometimes when his foster mother gets the broom out of the broom closet, the memories of his kind mother appear in his mind…

…”Do you beat your children?“ the judge asked the desperate looking couple with narrow eyes.

“No, I do not abuse my children,” the father responds.

The lawyer asked with a sharp undertone in his voice: “It is peculiar that your son, Shalem, cries every time when he sees a broom. How can you explain that?”

The parents frantically search for the right words. How can you explain something like that to a suspicious lawyer?