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It seems that the Twelve Tribes is

on trial in Germany for their child-rearing practices, but really it is the State of Germany that is on trial for having a law that prohibits parental corporal discipline. It seems that spanking is per se (automatically, on its face) is illegal, regardless of the circumstances, the facts or the relationship between parent and child. This is a law against love, as Proverbs 13:24 plainly says.

This song has been played before. It was sung in Vermont in 1984 and throughout the world in approximately 76 government sponsored raids on new religious movements world-wide.

Is it not obvious that there is something wrong with governments when they herd people like cattle, remove their children without probable cause or individual charges, and provide no notice as to why individual children are being seized? This is exactly what happened to us on September 5, 2013, and again on December 9, 2013:

An official is reading briefly this order, then a letter size sheet is placed on the table. This “paper” is addressed to the “Dear parents” – no names, no personal address – nothing! We are being treated like you would treat a herd. — Eyewitness account of the 2013.09.05 Raid.

If governments do not follow their own laws and rules of basic notice and rightful process, what good are they? They are tyrants themselves.*

Twelve Tribes’ members believe that if an individual parent is guilty of child abuse and there is evidence to show it, that it is legitimate for THAT PARENT to be prosecuted. Members have never said anything different.

People are guilty or not guilty as individuals, not because of their associations. If you are ignorant of such matters, look at the opinion of Judge Frank Mahady and you will get an education as to the rightful role of government.

I hope that citizens world-wide will take notice.

Jean Swantko Wiseman


*     In many ways, both the courts and the Jugendamt have not followed either elementary aspects of justice and even their own regulations. As many observers close to the cases have voluntarily said to us, amazed, “This is a case like no other.”

This is, in fact, a case of religious persecution against a group the German government has deemed a cult. Mainline churches that molest children are not treated in this fashion. They are not cults. This is not about our children, whose good health and normal behavior the government has known from the start. It is not about the welfare of the children.

This is religious persecution.