1984 Retrospective

An Article from the Vermont Bar Journal,

Winter 2005-2006, Volume 31, No. 4

Retrospective on 1984: The Island Pond Raid

What we know Now that we didn’t know then

This is an expose of how the anti-cult movement functions in the shadows, undermining individual rights and corrupting government.

Download article (3.0 MB file).


The same author wrote the post, “The State of Germany is on Trial.”

Her article, “The Messianic Communities in the European Union: An Issue of Parental Authority.” forms the substantive basis for the post, “Can Two Walk Together Unless They Agree?

For more on how this relates to the injustice the Communities have faced in Germany, read the post, “June 22, 1984 and September 5, 2013.” And about that June 22 raid, read a mother’s personal account, “A Letter to my Children.” It also contains some of our heartfelt appreciation for the Judge in that case, Judge Mahady — an appreciation shared by all the citizens of Vermont:

Judge Mahady


1 thought on “1984 Retrospective”

  1. D.Easter said:

    I did not know of you, its only that I purchased some bread from you on a market stall and was researching where it had come from. It seems your group in Germany has had a raw deal from what I have read and I am sorry for your troubles. I would not have thought it was legal to remove children from parents with no evidence of abuse. This is very worrying as the rule of law must not be corrupt.Somewhere something is very wrong.
    I am not of religion I am of my own spirituality for religions at the end of the day are man made spirituality is not. However would I to have had the opportunity to keep my children out of the clutches of our schools education system I would have because there is now no moral compass. but I would have done activities with others under my supervision so that they could mix with others in adult life and have knowledge and shield from the pitfalls of society as it is today. I will send light and love to your estranged children and their parents and hope all are returned without too much damage to their peace of mind. God willing.

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