Letter from a Friend


I am pleased to hear from you . When I heard the news my heart sank immediately. Right away I had all the faces in front of my inner eyes and was looking for for pictures of you and then I saw your photo. I recognize some of the children again even though it 's been so long. What a scandal! I was so upset by this reporter ! I can still remember very well how I got an invitation at the first phone call to spend the weekend with you . He put it down so smooth but as if you are a secret, closed sect . You have a farm shop! Your yard is open and visible, there are no walls or fences! Surely you anybody can come over at any time! His statement that he won't be able to leave upon being exposed, or him being in danger when he is with you is so ridiculous! I was alone with my four young children and my “au pair” with you, my husband in Iraq at war, and I was in very good hands. We were able to move about freely and did not always have someone behind us . To be honest, I would not let strangers walk through my house as freely . Did he really think that we would threaten his life with pitchforks?

The statement that the children are never allowed to play is incredible. I've seen the kids playing catch and I can remember a girl who told me about playing volleyball.

You know how impressed I am with your love for each other and I found it so beautiful as the children were allowed to learn a lot from being close to their fathers. You have so much care for your children , and invested a lot of time into it. I could not stop watching. Your life offers a quite different parents-children image compared to what you see otherwise. Just beautiful!

I can remember a child with disabilities. I think it had Down Syndrome. I was so amazed at how intelligent the boy was and how he was lovingly cared for. Someone told me that he has made great progress since he is with you. He was not ridiculed or bullied by anyone but was fully integrated into your extended family.

When I heard how the reporter tried to convince the lady, that what you could see on the film, was torture I could not believe it. Torture?!? As a child that was beaten by my stepfather, I know what it means to be abused. I was yelled at and beaten with the fist etc. at the same time. I had to live in constant fear. When will he lose it again? What causes those outbursts of anger? At 15, I ran away and I called the youth office. Strangely, they never responded. My siblings were neither questioned nor taken away. But my stepfather didn't belong to any "dangerous" sect. What they put your children through now by the forced  removal from their home and separation from the parents and the guaranteed brainwashing by the competent social worker is irresponsible.

One thing I would have also liked to ask the reporter is this: How is it, that when I wrap my baby in a blanket, it is called "swaddling" and is even recommended by doctors and midwives. If a woman of the 12 tribes does that, it is child abuse. Do I have to make sense out of this?

I hope your children come back home soon. You may be able to forward my statement. Unfortunately, I am temporarily in the United States, Georgia. Otherwise I would have visited you. Please let me know when the children get back home.

Best wishes, Y.

Go in the strength of God. Please let me know if I can do something. As I said, You may be able to forward my experience of my visit.

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