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For once someone has actually bothered to illuminate the issues at stake here, and not simply slandered us as a cult.

Can you live according to the Bible in Germany?

Source: “Die Welt” article by Kathrin Spoerr at http://www.welt.de/vermischtes/article140855501/Video-zeigt-wie-man-ein-Kind-richtig-zuechtigt.html”

Quote 1:


Title: “Video shows you how to properly chastise a child”

Subheading: “If secular and religious laws come into conflict, the members of the Twelve Tribes are guided by the Bible. Now they justify beating their children with the Bible.”

Quote 2:

“The Bible provides for beatings in the upbringing of children. The Civil Code prohibits. The Twelve Tribes are going by the Bible.

You can see a video, almost a movie. For 50 minutes1, a bit amateurish in editing and sound and still exciting until the last minute. In this film, the members of the Twelve Tribes explain their relationship to the beating of the children or, as they call it, the “chastisement.”

“The video is at the top of the home page of the fundamental Christian community with several hundred supporters in Germany and bears the title, “When the Spanking Stopped, All Hell Broke Loose.”

“With this the community responds to accusations of child abuse and the resulting withdrawal of parental custody for 40 children.”2

Quote 3:

“During the court hearings, where it came to the parents getting their children back, the Twelve Tribes members have not denied their educational methods. This insistence, ultimately about the difference between “chastisement” and a “slap on the hand”, now apparently leads to a drastically different treatment of the Twelve Tribes in court.

“The honesty of the parents causes their cases to be different than others, according to lawyer Michael Langhans. Usually, as Langhans speaks in court, parents, even in cases of extreme violence “slips” show remorse or repentance. The seriousness of such assurances is rarely questioned in court — and it acts as a bridge that allows the judges to be mild.

“The opposite has happened to the Twelve Tribes. The honesty of the parents and their insistence on Biblical necessities leads, in Langhans’ words, to inappropriate judicial hardness. Namely, the lawyer says, to the homesick children’s detriment.”



  1. English version is 31 minutes long.
  2. For the current status of these children, see the post, “A Law Against Love,” from December 2014.