How many roads must a man walk down…   Yes, and how many raids must the parents endure, before their children are set free?

This song went through my mind when I heard about the raid yesterday (10 December 2014).

What was very strange about the Raid was that Wolfram Kuhnigk of the RTL television network showed up with the Jugendamt (social services) in a surprise raid on Klosterzimmern. What does a sensation-seeking entertainer have to do with the child protection authority? A lot more than you would think.

Isn’t this the Alliance against the families of the Twelve Tribes?


RTL Reporter Wolfram Kuhnigk with Jugendamt Leader Herr Kanth.

(Screenshot from RTL report of September 9, 2013—the public justification of the illegal raid.)

The question is really who is the person who gives Mr. Kuhnigk these great tips for his exciting program—and how legal is that?

Is it for the good of the children that they are constantly depicted in the press as victims? One wonders about the pedagogical skills of the youth office Donauwörth…

In fact, we are one and a half years into in a temporary custody proceeding without any prospect of speedy clarification because the legal basis for the actions of the youth ministry and the family courts are still questionable.

But one thing is certain: those who pay are the children!