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Sara, Sandra, Ossi, Aaron, Flo, and Tim live in the “improvement facility” St. Nikolaus in Durrauingen and want to make a public statement concerning the events on the 9th of December and their personal experiences with the youths, Chayah and Addar.

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They know first hand what they are talking about. They are eye witnesses to the shame and injustice of Germany. Strong words? They are their words…


Here is the Transcript:

(Interviewer): Go ahead, present yourself first.

(Each one introduces themselves)

I am Sarah.

I am Sandra.

me Ossi




Sarah: I got to know Chayah and Addar to be quite nice and friendly people. In the beginning though it was a little unusual, because they did not know the new situation. They are very normal people just as we are, and actually I am strictly against it, that the children would come to be with any other families. Also in my eyes it is an insolence that the parents are not allowed to come see the children. Well, that’s what I have to say so far.

 Sandra: Actually you almost said everything already.

 Sarah: Just say it the way you see it.

 Ossi: Just say it with your own words.

 Sandra: Yes, I got to know Addar and Chayah also in this way, that they are quite nice. In the beginning they were timid and didn’t know everything yet. And I call it [expletive deleted] that the Jugendamt has taken all the children away, no matter for which reason.

 Ossi: And what as far as the last action of the police and the Jugendamt, the [expletive deleted]… they even tore away the very little children from the parents. Even a nursing infant which was just being nursed was torn away from the mother. According to my opinion the Jugendamt can’t do such an outrageous thing. They shouldn’t do that if they are interested in the best interest of the children.

And as the two girls said before me, we got to know those people that were here in our boarding school, as quite friendly and open-minded people. And they are being presented as abusing, and at last even child-hating parents. To take the children away from them is really outraging.

 Aaron: I can only agree with what has been said already. And I am a little disappointed. We see all these things from a near distance and we see that everything is presented different from what it is really like.


 Flo: I also got to know Chayah and Addar as kind and helpful people. And they are not the way the Jugendamt presents them. They don’t give the impression of being beaten or such things at all. They are just polite, well trained, and everything…

 Ossi: And you have to add: both of them are willing workers.

 Aaron: Yes, better educated than most in society.

 Ossi: Yes, to add this on top…

 Flo: I am ashamed being a German because of what the Jugendamt is doing. The legal system they have is not working properly. [speaking to the authorities:] Just because they are doing their own thing and are not dancing to your whistle, you simply send them away, saying they are being beaten. To me that is just not right.

 Tim: Yes, I can confirm this too, about the Jugendamt, because when I was a child, it was the same for me. My sister was dragged away by the Jugendamt, just like my brother. Such things are simply [expletive deleted]. You just don’t do such things. Such behavior is unworthy of human beings.

 Sarah: Especially since you [addressing the mothers, who had lived here with their infants] can offer your children here anything. You have playgrounds here. You have schools here, once they are old enough (or rather ready) for school. You have kinder gardens here for the little ones, playgrounds – you have anything here. And that’s why I don’t understand. You all want the best for your children, and you are truly giving them the best. And that’s why I don’t understand, how the Jugendamt can be so [expletive replaced] deceitful to tell just any old lies and just take the children away from you. I think this is way below the belt. And we hope that you can have your children back as soon as possible. We will commit ourselves for you to have your children back with you as soon as possible.

 Ossi: As was said before: children belong with the parents and not with [expletive deleted] foster parents. I experienced this as well. After being in a foster home I was transferred to a foster family. And it is not the same as with the parents. Absolutely not. In my case it also had been initiated by the Jugendamt.